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Hard Candy Mold 8H-9229 Cancer Ribbon Sucker

Hard Candy Mold 8H-9229 Cancer Ribbon Sucker

Dimensions: 3 cavities: 2" wide x 3½" long x ?” deep

These CK white hard candy/cookie molds withstand heat up to 375 degrees.

For cookies: Make a good roll-out cookie dough. Spray hard candy mold cavities with cooking spray. Push dough into mold cavities and place cookie filled molds on an aluminum cookie sheet. Bake on top rack at 325 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Cool slightly before removing cookies from molds.

For candy: Spray hard candy mold with cooking spray. Make a batch of hard candy using one of our hard candy mixes, following directions on package. Pour hot syrup into silicone measuring cup with spout. If making hard candy suckers, immediately put stick or pencil pop in place before syrup begins to set up. Let cool to room temperature. When syrup cools and candy is hard, release candy from mold.

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